How to Decorate Your Flow Space

It was only about a year ago that I was introduced to the world of hoop dance.

And holy cow, was I impressed.

Remember in grade school when you had Field Day every year? Team games, competitions, awards...

In 4th grade, one of those contests was hula hooping. I had never picked a hoop up in my life, and couldn't keep it up for 5 seconds.

I was SO frustrated that I went home that day and asked my parents to buy me a hoop THAT NIGHT.

After an hour, I had it down...

...but then I actually put the hoop down. For about 15 YEARS. Until I stumbled upon the art of flow mid-2019. 

Every time I come across a video of a talented flow artist, my heart leaps knowing the dedication it took to get there.

Hours of practice and nose-bonking are inevitable in the process...and after you add music to the mix, it gives us viewers MORE energy than you know.
Or, maybe you do know 😉

I've laid out the top accessories for any indoor (or outdoor!) flow space. 
You might hoop, or practice yoga...

Whatever your destresser, this shop has the stuff you need to dress your space to the nines ✨

Check out how @hoopadelic did this below! Then scroll to see the list 😍

1. A Tapestry

2. Fairy Twinkle Lights

3. Macrame

4. Colorful Yoga Mat